Ice cream from Fries Brothers in Zürich

Zürich, the enchanting Swiss city nestled on the banks of the Limmat River, is renowned for its scenic landscapes, rich history, and vibrant culinary scene. Among its many delectable offerings, Zürich boasts a thriving ice cream culture that is sure to captivate the taste buds of locals and visitors alike. From artisanal gelaterias to charming […]

Fries loaded with Korean food

In relation to satisfying our cravings, few dishes can compete with the delectable mixture of fries and Korean flavours. the marriage of crispy, golden fries with the formidable and colourful flavour of Korean delicacies creates a culinary enjoy that is each comforting and adventurous. a few of the diverse mouthwatering creations, the Kamikaze fries from Fries Brothers in Zurich stand out as a high example. Loaded with a tantalising array of components including cheese sauce, kimchi, sriracha sauce, […]

Restaurants in Langstrasse Zürich

The Langstrasse, located inside the coronary heart of Zurich, Switzerland, is a bustling district renowned for its colourful nightlife, eclectic mix of cultures, and culinary delights. This active avenue is home to a plethora of eating places, cafes, and bars, providing a numerous variety of cuisines from round the world. whether you are a neighbourhood food fanatic or a curious traveller, The Langstrasse guarantees an unforgettable eating experience. In this text, we are able to delve into the culinary treasures that watch for on this iconic street. The Langstrasse boasts a myriad of restaurants, every contributing its unique aptitude to […]

Cheese sticks all over the world and in Zürich

Cheese sticks are a popular snack food that is cherished by way of humans of every age. those delectable treats are made by coating sticks of cheese in a batter, breadcrumbs, or a mixture of both, and then frying them till they’re crispy and golden brown. The result is a savoury and gratifying snack this is perfect for munching on while watching a film or placing out with buddies. One unique variant of the conventional cheese stick may be located at Fries Brothers in Zurich. This fries shop takes cheese sticks to an entire new degree through wrapping cheese in spring roll wrappers, which can be then […]

Dutch no war fries popular in Zürich

Patatje oorlog, or “war fries” in English, is a popular Dutch dish that consists of French fries topped with a combination of mayonnaise, onions, and peanut sauce. The name “war fries” is said to derive from the chaotic combination of sauces resembling the mess of a warzone. The dish has been a staple in the […]

Croquettes: A delicious history

Croquettes are a popular snack or facet dish in many nations. they’re made through blending mashed potatoes, meat, fish, greens or cheese with a binder together with eggs or breadcrumbs and then shaping the aggregate into small cylinders or balls. The croquettes are then deep-fried till golden brown and crispy on the outside. The records of croquettes can be traced back to France inside the 18th century. They have been in the beginning made with leftover meat and fish combined with mashed potatoes, and had been a way to dissipate leftover food. Croquettes speedy have become popular and unfold during Europe. The phrase “croquette” comes […]

The best drinks to go with fries

Few things can compare to the simple pleasure of indulging in some hot, crispy fries. Whether you’re a fan of shoestring, crinkle-cut, or waffle fries, there’s no denying that these savoury snacks make for a delicious treat any time of day. But what’s the best drink to pair with fries? One classic option is a […]

Zürich is beautiful in the summer.

Summer season in the city of Zürich is surely a paranormal revel in. the nice and cozy weather brings a vibrant power to the metropolis, and there’s no scarcity of things to do and spot. one of the most popular activities in the course of the summer months is to relax and absorb the sun by using the river Limmat. The Limmat runs through the coronary heart of Zürich and gives a picturesque backdrop for humans to acquire and enjoy the stunning weather. it’s miles a not unusual sight to see organisations of friends and households spread out along the riverbanks, chatting, laughing, and playing each other‘s enterprise. The sound of the water flowing, the solar shining down, and the greenery all around make for a serene and peaceful surroundings. […]

The history of fries in Zürich

Zürich is the biggest town in Switzerland, with a wealthy records relationship lower back to the Roman Empire. The town was first referred to in written facts inside the ninth century, but evidence of human agreement inside the place dates lower back lots similarly, to the Neolithic generation. Over the centuries, Zürich has played an essential function in Swiss politics and subculture, and has been domestic to many first rate figures, including the truth seeker Jean-Jacques Rousseau. At some point of the center a long time, Zürich became an crucial middle of commerce and trade, and its wealth grew unexpectedly. The town joined the Swiss Confederation in 1351, and in the centuries that followed, it persevered to flourish, becoming a […]

Kreis 5: The creative heart and the place with the best fries of Zürich

Placed inside the western a part of Zurich, Kreis 5 is a colourful and dynamic neighbourhood this is known for its creative and cultural scene. as soon as a run-down industrial district, it has been transformed right into a hub of art galleries, designer stores, cafes, and bars, attracting young experts and artists from everywhere in the metropolis. The location is characterised via its commercial buildings, fries shop and graffiti-covered partitions, which give it a completely unique and edgy environment. Kreis 5 is domestic to numerous cultural establishments, consisting of the Museum of digital art and the Toni-Areal, a former milk factory that has been converted into a middle for art, structure, and layout. The neighbourhood is likewise known for its road art, with work […]