We are the Fries Brothers


Our farmer Johan only uses naturel ways to keep the potatoes growing well. In that way our potatoes are very healthy.


All our fries are handcut on the day we serve the fries. They are the best tasting fries you ever had.

Sunflower oil.

We only use the best organic sunflower oil to spoil our fries.


We serve wonderful organic fries by hand all over Europe. At business parties and big festivals.

We keep smiling at parties from 700 people to 40.000 people.

Or contact us on fedde@friesbrothers.com +31614036652

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As our company name is Rollin’ Potato we of course use the best potatoes found in The Netherlands. They are organic. Our farmer Johan only grows potatoes and has experience in growing potatoes for over 30 years. Our organic potatoes grow in the Dutch clay. Clay is the best for potatoes because it is really difficult for diseases to grow in clay potatoes.

Our potatoes have a lot of starch in them. Thats how they get very crispy when we bake them in our organic sun flower oil.


Many fast food restaurants that don’t put as much effort in baking fries as we do use inferior ingredients. They use poor baking oil from animals or other oils that won’t get you these beautiful crispy fries as we have.

We use only the best sunflower oil that is sourced from a small farmer from France. This oil can handle high temperatures and so it won’t burn as we put our beautiful big chips in there. A lot of sun flower oil can’t handle high temperatures and there for is not good for making these gold brown boys.

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