We are the Fries Brothers


Our farmer Johan only uses naturel ways to keep the potatoes growing well. In that way our potatoes are very healthy.


All our fries are handcut on the day we serve the fries. They are the best tasting fries you ever had.

Sunflower oil

We only use the best organic sunflower oil to spoil our fries.

We are the Fries Brothers

Shop Zürich

On the Langstrasse 238 in Zürich we sell the best hand cut fries with sauce or loaded with different toppings.


We can make the best fries also at your home or business from our cool fries bike. hello@friesbrothers.com


We serve wonderful organic fries all over Europe. We keep smiling at parties from 700 people to 100’000 people


We serve wonderful organic fries all over Europe. At business parties and big festivals. We keep smiling at parties from 700 people to 40.000 people. Contact us on .


Fries loaded with Korean food

In relation to satisfying our cravings, few dishes can compete with the delectable mixture of fries and Korean flavours. the marriage of crispy, golden fries with the formidable and colourful flavour of Korean delicacies creates a culinary enjoy that

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Restaurants in Langstrasse Zürich

The Langstrasse, located inside the coronary heart of Zurich, Switzerland, is a bustling district renowned for its colourful nightlife, eclectic mix of cultures, and culinary delights. This active avenue is home to a plethora of eating places, cafes, and bars, providing a numerous variety of

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